Mac will not respond to boot keyboard commands

I was asked to wipe and reinstall a MacBook Air (mid-2013) for work, which would normally be a simple task of booting into recovery mode, wiping the disk in the Disk Utility and using the “Reinstall” option to put back a blank copy of the OS. However, this particular MacBook Air seems to have an issue with the keyboard commands on boot.

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Amcrest and Wansview Webcam Review


I’ve been working from home since August 2019, before it was made so popular by COVID-19, and as such, I take part in lots of video chats during my working week. At first, I was using the webcam built into my 2018 13″ Macbook Pro, however, due to my home office setup with two external 24″ monitors I tend to use the Macbook with the lid shut, so every time I want to use the webcam I had to open the Macbook up. Whilst this isn’t a big issue, it was a bit annoying and whilst macOS, on the whole, handles window positioning well when you add/remove a screen from the mix, sometimes it does end up moving windows into a different position, which can also be annoying. So I decided to invest in an external webcam, unfortunately, that was around the same time as everyone else did, so there was very little choice in stock so I plumped for a Wansview 1080P Webcam with Microphone from Amazon.

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Using HTTPS certificates with Traefik and Docker for a development environment

Traefik is a great “cloud” router that is perfect for use in a development environment to route traffic to different Docker hosts, but when I came to try and add some self-signed certificates to it so that my development environment more realistically mirrored the staging and production environments I ran into some problems and the Traefik documentation, whilst good, unfortunately, is a little vague around the subject of certificates in a general, so it took some Googling and putting various different things together to come up with a final solution that works well.

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