Running CFML on AWS Lambda

Pete Freitag from Foundeo has created a new framework called Fuseless for running ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) code on AWS Lambda, Amazon’s serverless compute environment.

Using the open source Lucee CFML Engine, Pete has managed to come up with a wrapper that allows Lucee to startup on Lambda and then execute the required code. There are a couple of limitations at the moment, which come from the fact that it is using the Lucee “light” package, meaning that no extensions are included. This means that accessing a DB like MySQL or a storage option like S3 (AWS’s storage solution) are not supported. However, for a first iteration and proof-of-concept, this is good stuff.

Pete has used Lucee Light to keep the package size and cold startup time down to a minimum, but there should also be some improvements coming in Lucee 6 that means this startup time could be reduced even further.

Pete has also provided lots of instructions and helpful information about how you can run the lambda functions locally for development using SAM.

I’ve not had time to try it myself yet, but I will certainly be looking to try something out with it soon and report back on how it goes.

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