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I gave a talk at the Tunbridge Wells WordPress Meetup tonight about SEO with WordPress, which plugins to use and how they can help. Covering All-in-One SEO, Yoast, TinyPNG, WP Super Cache, and much more.

Here is the slide deck from the presentation:

Slide Notes

Slide 3

  • No really, it is hard, I’m not making it up.
  • WordPress has nothing directly to do with SEO
  • Depends on coding
  • Depends on content
  • Ability to get inbound links

Slide 4

  • Content is king!!! It really is.
  • Without content, there is nothing for the search engine to see.
  • Good, high quality, UNIQUE content

Slide 5

  • You are nothing without good content

Slide 6

  • WordPress Plugins can help.
  • But only if the theme is done right.
  • No plugin can fix fundamental underlying issues with your theme’s HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Slide 7

  • Covers the SEO basics.
  • Does all the basics you need, e.g. titles, descriptions, social, etc…
  • Pro version available, does a bit more, WooCommerce, Videos, etc… but is pretty pricey.

Slide 8

  • By far the most popular SEO plugin.
  • While it too covers the basics, like All-in-One SEO Pack, it also has some great CMS features.
  • Social media tags (Facebook and Twitter) added automatically, including a “linked data” (JSON+LD) used by Google Knowledge graph.
  • Automatically generates robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.
  • Be careful with taxonomy, archive, author, etc… sitemap pages.
  • Premium version available, not sure it is worth it.
  • Most people ignore the important part of Yoast.

Slide 9

  • The setup wizard sets up good default, use it.

Slide 10

  • People ignore these or are even annoyed by their existence in the pages and posts lists.
  • Many people ask us if we can “remove them” or “hide them”.
  • They are trying to tell you something important, so don’t ignore, fix!

Slide 11

  • For each page and post define a focus keyword / phrase or words / phrases (if using pro) for that content.
  • Read the suggestions and act on them. Get as many green as possible.

Slide 12

  • Gives you information about how “readable” the page or post is.
  • Again, get as many green as possible and adjust the content as required.

Slide 13

  • If most / all your content is in advanced custom fields (ACF), then you need this Yoast plugin to make sure the previous two work with your content.
  • It is just an install. There is no configuration required.

Slide 14

  • There are some additional “paid” for plugins for Yoast

Slide 15

  • Additional stuff for WooCommerce sites

Slide 16

  • Additional stuff for News sites

Slide 17

  • For sites with lots of videos

Slide 18

  • Whilst Yoast is great, it is free and they want something for it, they add comments to your HTML that advertise Yoast!!!
  • Install “Remove Yoast SEO Comments” plugin to remove these.

Slide 19

  • Redirection is a great plugin for easily adding 301 redirects to a site.
  • Helpful for fixing issues from Google Search Console.

Slide 20

  • Automatically compresses uploaded images using TinyPNG.
  • Work for both PNG and JPEG.
  • Compress is industry leading.
  • 500 free compresses per month.
  • Paid service, relatively cheap, less than 1 cent per image.
  • Remember, one image upload might result in many more versions of the image.

Slide 21

  • Caches your site pages to improve load speed dramatically.
  • Includes options to use CDN’s for resources, e.g. images, stylesheets, Javascript, etc…
  • By WordPress creators Automattic.
  • Other caching options are available.

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